• Name: Willow
  • Location: Seven Stories, Newcastle
  • Designed and descorated by: Daniel J Weatheritt
  • Sponsor: Seven Stories

Sculpture Description

Daniel J Weatheritt is an Illustrator, Graphic Designer and Graphic Recorder based in Northumberland. His fascination and love of drawing started in primary school as a member of Northburn First School Wildlife Club where he would fill many sketchbooks with drawings of garden birds and mammals. Daniel loves designing for print, producing hand written type and favours traditional working methods. His favourite drawing technique is mixed media - pen and ink, pencils, watercolours and collage, all employed in the creation of surreal characters, environments and narratives packed with intricate detail and humour. ‘Willow’ is inspired by Chinese blue and white porcelain, which is packed with intricate repeating patterns, characters and beautiful landscapes. Elephants of all shapes and sizes are travelling to an Elephant gathering, celebrating diversity with a little bit of humour thrown in too.