• Name: Tynie
  • Location: New Bridge Street, Newcastle
  • Designed and descorated by: Anne-Marie Byrne
  • Sponsor: Newcastle Building Society

Sculpture Description

Anne-Marie Byrne is a Liverpool born, Suffolk-based artist. Originally qualified as an archaeologist, she spent several years in a variety of office-based jobs, rediscovering her artistic roots when the Pigs Gone Wild trail came to Ipswich in 2016. Since then she has painted for several trails around the UK. When not drawing and painting, Anne-Marie creates digital art and writes fiction. Any spare time is spent reading and travelling, because you can never have too much inspiration in life. ‘Tynie’ the eco-friendly elephant celebrates spirit of the mighty River Tyne. Rising out of the ashes of her industrial past, today the Tyne’s towns and cities are full of green spaces, nourished by the river. Watched over by the Angel of the North, passing by buildings old and new, the river flows down to the North Sea and the lighthouses of Souter and St Mary’s.