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Summer Flowers

  • Name: Summer Flowers
  • Location: Gosforth High Street, Newcastle
  • Designed and descorated by: Emily Ward
  • Sponsor: EMG Solicitors

Sculpture Description

Emily Ward is an artist who runs her own creative business. Her business began 6 years ago while she was recovering from breast cancer, although she had previously spent over 20 years teaching art to disadvantaged adults in the community. To help her cope with her diagnosis, Emily started to paint. Her business began when another mum, who used to do the school run for her during her chemotherapy, dropped the kids off one day. She saw Emily painting and commissioned her to create a picture for her. Six years later and cancer free, Emily describes herself as ‘living the dream, painting private commissions and selling a unique gift range to individuals and shops’. ‘Summer Flowers’ is inspired by the bright, colourful and beautiful flowers which can be found in meadows around the North East. The purpose of this design is to brighten up everyone’s day, make them feel happy and to smile.