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Nice to be Nice

  • Name: Nice to be Nice
  • Location: Barker and Stonehouse, Newcastle
  • Designed and descorated by: This is Sian Ellis
  • Sponsor: Barker and Stonehouse

Sculpture Description

Sian Ellis (otherwise known as ‘This is Sian Ellis’) is an illustrator based in Yorkshire whose bold and playful style focuses on promoting positivity. Her illustrations are of the weird and wonderful and she creates prints, patches and ceramic pieces that incorporate her colourful characters and witty concepts, which she sells across the north of England. ‘It’s Nice to be Nice’ celebrates community and kindness in the easiest way we know how- through compliments! The design celebrates all the diverse people who make a community a great place to be. The artist hopes that you stop, read and smile, because it’s cool to be kind and it’s nice to be nice.