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  • Name: Memories
  • Location: Grey Street, Newcastle
  • Designed and descorated by: Darren Mundy
  • Sponsor: Applebridge Construction

Sculpture Description

Darren Mundy is a professional artist living and working in Whitley Bay. He is best known for his Hilltown work which has been the foundation for his art career of painting and selling pictures. He also loves teaching children to paint in schools. Darren’s ultimate aim with his work is to make you smile – he usually succeeds. ‘Memories’ is about one aspect of Dementia and how it can affect all of our lives. Every stripe on the elephant is a memory and over time as the memory fades, so does the colour and vibrancy of life. Fading memories can cause confusion, frustration and anger. Darren hopes that this elephant will both catch your eye and encourage you to think how these conditions affect us all.