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Henna the Elephant

  • Name: Henna the Elephant
  • Location: Pets Corner, Jesmond Dene, Newcastle
  • Designed and descorated by: Betti Moretti
  • Sponsor: Tyne and Wear Metro

Sculpture Description

Betti Moretti is the current Worcestershire Poet Laureate 2018-19, an explorer (in her dreams!) and a self-employed artist, illustrator, TV/Film Supporting Artist & Production Manager, author and yarn bombing folk singer. Life is one crazy, arty adventure! She has already appeared in three other Wild In Art projects and may be becoming addicted! ‘Henna The Elephant’ packed her trunk... and found herself in Tyne and Wear! She never forgets a thing, so she has the name of every town and village all over her, bringing the whole of Tyne and Wear together. Can you spot anywhere you know? Combining mindfulness with traditional henna design, this elephant is designed to cause people to stop, spend a moment in thought and slow down a bit - something that’s getting increasingly hard to do in our busy lives.