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Elmerus Maximus

  • Name: Elmerus Maximus
  • Location: Central Station, Newcastle
  • Designed and descorated by: Sinclair Illustration
  • Sponsor: Dean Taxis

Sculpture Description

Illustrator and artist, Evelyn Sinclair is a graduate of Glasgow School of Art. She has a wealth of varied experience, and has recently created a series of children’s sticker books aimed at encouraging kids to love our wildlife from an early age (and have fun at the same time!) Her favourite kind of project is one that will make people smile - just one of the reasons she loves painting sculptures for charity art trails. ‘Elmerus Maximus’ is a friendly roman soldier, referencing Hadrian’s Wall and particularly the Roman forts in Tyne and Wear. While not welcome at the time, the Romans contributed new sophisticated flavours, ideas and technology to ancient British society, as did the Vikings, the Saxons and all the other people who have since come to our shores. The diversity of these influences blend together to make our history and our current culture so rich and fascinating.