• Name: Dazzle
  • Location: Grey's Monument, Newcastle
  • Designed and descorated by: Leah Pendleton
  • Sponsor: Northumbrian Water

Sculpture Description

Leah Pendleton is a York-based artist. She studied Fine Art in Edinburgh and then moved back to Yorkshire where she began her sign writing and graphic arts business. She creates blackboard artwork, illustrations and murals for shops, breweries, bars, restaurants and street food outlets. Playful, cartoon-style illustration and clean lines distinguish her work. ‘Dazzle’ celebrates Tyne and Wear as the birthplace of electric light. Joseph Swan, the inventor of the electric lightbulb, was born in Sunderland and educated in Gateshead. Mosely Street in Newcastle was the first street in the world to be lit with electric light. Covered in neon light inspired lettering and lines, Dazzle celebrates Tyne and Wear’s connection to light. The curving, glowing lines wind around the sculpture and form words related to light such as illuminate, glimmer, glow, and radiant.