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The impact of Covid-19 in the workplace will be far reaching...

Numerous studies have shown that employees who don’t receive the support they need when caring for a loved one who is sick, or processing the death of someone they love, are less likely to perform well at work, more likely to resign or to lose their job and, consequently, more likely to experience financial difficulties and family breakdown.

Right now, thousands of North East people are returning to work, fearful for their job security and still struggling to process the death of a loved one (whether Covid-19 related or not) who they could not visit or say goodbye to because of the virus. The vast majority will never ask for bereavement support. But their mental health and future wellbeing could be greatly improved if their line manager and some of their colleagues had the knowledge, skills and confidence to acknowledge their grief, to listen and to offer support if they need it.

St Oswald’s Hospice can help you ensure that you and your team are well equipped to offer the support your staff need

We have secured funding from the government’s Coronavirus Community Support Fund, distributed by the National Lottery Community Fund, to develop and deliver a new digital bereavement support platform where we will offer online training, resources and ongoing advice and support for North East employers and line managers.

We will be delivering an employer focused version of our very successful training programme, ‘Help! I Don't Know What To Say’ which focuses on communication skills, active listening and practical ways to offer support to people who are living with serious illness or bereavement.   After completing the training, you and your managers will be better able to identify the non-verbal signs of grief or emotional distress and more confident to start a conversation/offer support.

You will also be able to contact the St Oswald’s bereavement team (digitally or by telephone) to ask for confidential advice/signposting when you are unsure about how to support an individual member of their team. You will be able to direct individuals to our online bereavement support resources. And, if it’s needed, you will be able to refer the individual to our team for one to one support.

We are all part of this North East community.  Together we can make sure that those whose emotional wellbeing is suffering in these challenging times receive the support and help they need to thrive and succeed in the future.

To find out more about our bereavement support services for employers and to sign up for our online training please email us at bettertogether@stoswaldsuk.org

In partnership with North East England Chamber of Commerce. Thanks to the Government and the Coronavirus Community Support Fund, distributed by The National Lottery Community Fund for making this project possible.