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  • Creative writing for the mind21 July 2015

    Creative writing for the mind

    At St Oswald's Hospice we provide much more than end of life care. Amongst many other things, we provide day services for people with life-limiting illnesses, including six-week Focus on Living courses. Courses, such as relaxation and creative writing classes, aim to enhance people’s sense of wellbeing and enjoyment, and are an opportunity for ... Read More
  • Top 10 fundraising ideas for work03 June 2015

    Top 10 fundraising ideas for work

    Fundraising at work is a great way to rally your colleagues and make it a team effort to support a charity. But where to start?   Here are our top 10 ideas for fundraising at work Bake off – who doesn’t love cake? Charge people per slice and rate the best cake! Sponsored silence – find out who in your workplace can keep their mouths closed... Read More
  • Inspirational to care12 May 2015

    Inspirational to care

    One thing we hear a lot is "Do you find it hard to work in a Hospice?" Whilst there are very emotional times for our staff and volunteers as they carry out their work at St Oswald's, caring for adults, young people and children with life-limiting conditions is also inspirational. Davina Radford, our Chaplain, tells us about one special patient... Read More
  • Leaving a Legacy01 April 2015

    Leaving a Legacy

    Writing a Will is often something people are nervous about doing, something only 'grown ups' have or something you just keep putting off. But whether you've bought your first house, got married, had a family, or just have something valuable to leave, it is extremely useful to leave a Will outlining your wishes. This means you can look after you... Read More
  • Myth or reality?09 March 2015

    Myth or reality?

    1 in 3 people will be touched by hospice care in their lifetime. But what exactly does 'hospice care' mean? There are many misconceptions surrounding the work done by the 200+ hospices in the United Kingdom. We want to bust some of those myths today once and for all!   Myth: Hospices are where you go to die. Most people think that hospices a... Read More
  • Volunteering is good for you26 January 2015

    Volunteering is good for you

    Here at St Oswald's we have over 1400 volunteers in over 120 different volunteering roles, from patient focused roles and support roles, to volunteering in our shops or with our fundraising team. Our volunteers are the lifeblood of the Hospice, enabling us to continue to provide the quality care and services we are committed to. However, have ... Read More
  • A year at St Oswald's01 January 2015

    A year at St Oswald's

    As we look back on another year at St Oswald’s Hospice, our commitment to providing first class quality care and developing services around the changing needs of the North East adults, children and young people we serve, remains at our very core.   We have listened to feedback from stakeholders through surveys, focus groups and our Feedback Ba... Read More
  • What is lymphoedema?15 September 2014

    What is lymphoedema?

    We've been providing a lymphoedema service for over 15 years, treating patients from across the North East with this chronic swelling of the arms, legs, head, neck and other areas of the body. A large part of our work centres on educating patients and healthcare professionals about how to identify lymphoedema and who can help, as well as techni... Read More