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Meet The Team


We employ three Specialist Palliative Medicine Consultants: Paul McNamara, Andrew Hughes and Cate O'Neill; and an Associate Specialist in Palliative Medicine: Ellie Bond. Claud Regnard (a former Specialist Palliative Medicine Consultant at St Oswald’s) is now an Honorary Consultant.

Our consultants are supported by a team of doctors, who work alongside our nursing teams to provide day-to-day medical cover across all our services. The Medical Team are all involved in education and training of staff and students both internally and externally, including undergraduates, postgraduates and GP and specialty training.

Our consultants are also involved in outreach sessions as part of the palliative care teams across the North East.


  • Paul has worked as a Consultant at St Oswald’s since 1995. Prior to this he worked at St Catherine’s Hospice in Crawley. Paul works very closely with community hospitals, GPs and Macmillan Nurses in the Northumberland area.

  • Andrew has been working as a Consultant at St Oswald’s since 1998. Andrew's outreach sessions covers the Gateshead palliative care team.  He is Quality Lead at the Northern Deanery - with a special interest in lymphoedema management.

  • Claud joined St Oswald's in 1986 as our first Medical Director and has now retired (2015).

    He is an Honorary Consultant for St Oswald’s Hospice, with particular interests in clinical decision making, symptom control, identifying distress in people with severe communication difficulties and creating accessible learning.


  • Ellie has worked at St Oswald's since 2000. She is an Associate Specialist with a special interest in children's palliative care.

  • Val leads the nursing team on the Adult Inpatient Service, co-ordinating the multi-disciplinary team and managing our 15 bedded unit.   

    Val joined St Oswald’s as a Staff Nurse over 19 years ago before becoming a Team Leader, then taking up the role of Ward Sister in 2003.

  • Carole Dixon is our Children and Young Adults Service Manager.  Carole heads our team of nurses, physios, healthcare assistants, support workers and administrators.

    Before undertaking her role at St Oswald’s in 2013, Carole worked as a Continuing Care Specialist Nurse Co-ordinator for the Integrated Children with Disability Team in Durham.