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Our Face2Face fundraisers

St Oswald’s Lottery raises a massive £1.2m for patients and families each year. Our Face2Face Fundraisers can often be seen out in the local community talking to people about St Oswald’s Lottery and Regular Giving campaigns.

You may well have had a phone call or a visit from one of them to discuss Lottery or Regular Giving in the past.

If you’d like to chat through joining the Lottery or making a regular donation please call 0191 246 9123 or click here to join online.

    Face2Face Fundraising Team Leader - Tabatha Tilley

    Email: tabathatilley@stoswaldsuk.org

    Telephone: 0191 246 9123

    Face2Face Fundraiser - Ann Hannah

    Email: annhannah@stoswaldsuk.org

    Telephone: 0191 246 9123

    Face2Face Fundraiser - Tony Burn

    Email: tonyburn@stoswaldsuk.org

    Telephone:  0191 246 9123

    Face2Face Fundraiser - Paul Irving

    Email: paulirving@stoswaldsuk.org

    Telephone: 0191 246 9123

    Door2Door Fundraiser Team

     Chris Symonds

    Chris Symonds


     Jen Harrison  

    Jen Harrison

     Maddie Saunders


    Maddie Saunders

     Navraj Johal


    Navraj Johal

    Taya Franco


    Taya Franco

    Dione Lewis


    Dionne Lewis

    Stephen Dorward


    Stephen Dorward

     Harry Musson


    Harry Musson

    Eden Brooks


    Eden Brookes

     Luke Harrington


    Luke Harrington

    Euan Harkness


    Euan Harkness

    F2f 5


    Annette Lloyd

    Jacob Hughes

    Jacob Hughes