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Having trouble using our donation form?

Here are a few troubleshooting tips:


  • If you are using our website for the first time since it had a makeover, we suggest you clear your 'cookies' to improve functionality. Find out how with this guide.

  • Internet Explorer is updated very frequently, and old versions can cause issues with newer websites and their functionality. If you are using Internet Explorer, please try using a different web browser such as Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari to improve your user experience.

  • Have you filled in the 'Address2' field? Our website requires supporters to enter text in this field so it can be submitted. If you do not have a second line in your address, you could enter your town, or repeat the first line of your address if necessary.  


If you continue to have problems please get in touch at enquiries@stoswaldsuk.org or call 0191 246 9123.