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Boxing Day Dip

Hundreds of people from across the North East take part in the Boxing Day Dip each year, running into the 6° waters of the North Sea and raising thousands of pounds for charity.  

Dates: 26th December 2017 

When we think of Christmas we think turkey, Christmas pud and Santa hats, and what is boxing day made for? For some it is tucking into a box of celebrations and their bubble and squeak. For a brave few it is taking a dip in the icy North Sea. Could you be that brave?

Every boxing day, groups gather on the beaches up and down the country to take part in an ever increasingly popular tradition. Sporting Santa outfits, elves costumes or just their swimming trunks this is all that is required to take part. That and possibly and very hot drink on the side line, ready for your return.

The boxing day dip is a simple and fun way to raise money for charity. Be part of this crazy tradition which will push you out of your comport zone but could quite possibly became your new favourite part of Christmas.

Make more of your boxing day than simply catching up on the Christmas specials, the boxing day dip is something fresh and exciting, meet new people and hear their stories.

In the North East, the most popular dip is hosted by the North Sea Volunteer Lifeguards on Tynemouth Longsands. This iconic beach is an award winning spot and provides a spectacular back drop to your boxing day swim.

All year round the beach attracts visitors, particularly surfers drawn in by the impressive North Sea swells. In the past the beach has also made its Hollywood debut after filming of the Newcastle United flick ‘Goal’ took place on its sands. So spectators and swimmers are sure to be pleasantly surprised even if the weather is not quite up to scratch. 

We aim to help you every step of the way, right through to the day of your dip. Anything you may require, from fundraising tips to promotional material or just someone to chat through your plans. All you need to do is fill out the registration form, which can be found here, and get to it. 

How to sign up: 

Step 1: Sign up online, there is an £5 registration fee.

Step 2: Once your booking is confirmed, complete our registration form to secure your place with us or call us on 0191 246 9123.

Bronze Challenge Sponsorship

This event will count as one of your Bronze Challenges, a nice easy one to tick off the list. There is an £8 registration fee and you can sign up online here. Once your place is confirmed please complete our online registration form so we can record your participation, or get in touch and call us on 0191 246 9123.

For Bronze challenges we ask you set yourself a target of £100 sponsorship. All money raised through the life list campaign will go towards helping patients and families from across the North East, and to maintain the care services provided by the hospice for the past 30 years. 

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