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Big Bake

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We Knead Your Help!

Thank you for rising to the challenge and taking part in The Big Bake, in support of St Oswald’s Hospice!


Briony Cupcakes

Inspired by our love of celebration, summer and all things cake related, we invite you to cook up a storm by hosting your own bake sale, coffee morning or afternoon tea for friends and family, or at your place of work. Why not get creative in the kitchen to help us raise some dough!


Maltesers Cake Lucy2

We invite you to dust off your rolling pin, bring out your show stoppers and mix some tasty treats. So whether you are part of a community group, school, office or an individual wanting to host something for friends and family, why not get creative in the kitchen and help us raise some dough.


Peach Coconut Cake Ks

 Your support will help us to care for adults,  young people, children and their families from  across the North East. In 2016 we celebrated  #30yearsofcare at St Oswald’s Hospice,  seeing supporters across the North East hold  a host of Big Birthday Bakes and we hope this  year will be bigger, better and tastier.


Briony Peter Rabbit


Here on our website, you'll find a fundraising pack and a bowlful of resources you can download such as invites, certificates and price tags. We can also help with fundraising ideas to ensure your event rises to the occasion.


All of our amazing Big Bake Resources are available here to download to make sure your Big Bake is a showstopper!


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